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Microsoft Office 2010 – PowerPoint SmartArt Timesaver

Friday, June 18th, 2010

So you’re called upon to create a last-minute PowerPoint presentation to a new client and the clock is ticking.  You spend the majority of your time formulating the perfect phraseology to frame your compelling arguments – and then you realize as you’re about to walk out the door that your presentation is entirely in black and white and could possibly be the blandest thing since raw broccoli.  What do you do?


Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint 2010 features a carryover from PowerPoint 2007 which is right up your alley:  Convert to SmartArt.  In two mouse clicks, you can convert a page of text into a presentation that looks like it took hours to prepare.  See the difference in the before…


PowerPoint 2010 text

Plain, boring PowerPoint text


… and the after:


PowerPoint 2010 SmartArt

Not bad for a two-second fix...


With a variety of layouts to choose from, Microsoft provides a great timesaving option for those in crunchtime.  Just right-click on the textbox(es) you want to include, pick “Convert to SmartArt,” and select the layout you want.  Alternately, you can pick your template first by clicking the Insert tab on the ribbon and selecting SmartArt from the dropdown menu.


So thanks again, Microsoft, for saving us some time in our PowerPoint presentation creation – even if you’ll eventually take it back somehow in the future….