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Microsoft’s IT Academy gives NC high school students a headstart

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Filed as the latest entry in the “Where was this when we were kids?” folder:

North Carolina recently partnered with Microsoft to offer the Microsoft IT Academy program in every high school in the state.  Students will have the opportunity not only to learn the latest software and technical skills used daily in the secular world, they will have the chance to attain MOS or MCP certifications before they even graduate!

This easily qualifies as the single coolest educational program I’ve ever heard of.  It’s essentially the equivalent of a student taking electrical or plumbing at a vocational school having the opportunity to attain a master’s license at the same time they graduate.

Finally, it’s a chance for kids unable to attend college to acquire real-world skills and the accompanying certifications that can land them a decent job right out of high school.

Five bucks says NC’s juvenile crime rate drops and their graduation and employment rates rise within five years.  Now if only Massachusetts’ Department of Education would follow suit….